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Moving your phone system to the cloud

VOIP (Voice Over IP)

Voice over IP (VOIP) phone solutions have been with us for a number of years but early adopters often suffered many issues. Finally, VOIP has come of age and is now the go to solution for modern business communications.

Today your business landline can be connected to your desk phone, a computer with a headset or even your mobile device like an iPad, iPhone or Android.  No longer do we need telecom switches, patch panels or phone sockets, everything is located in the cloud, so all you need is an internet connected device.

With all the functionality and more of a standard phone system, VOIP can save you money and improve your

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Business Phone Services and Collaboration

  • Project a big-company image with enterprise features like auto attendant, music-on-hold, web conferencing, web faxing and video meetings.
  • Reap enormous savings that can cut your monthly phone bills in half.
  • Stay connected on the move with mobile apps, company-wide extension dialing, advanced call forwarding and voicemail-to-email.
  • Unify all your employees with one phone system that works wherever they are—in the office, at home or on the road.
  • Internet failure role over so that if your internet connection drops, the phones will switch to calling mobiles instead, so you will never miss a call.
Communications over VOIP

Reliable. Secure. Complete.

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With this VOIP system behind you, your communications system can handle anything your enterprise requires. You get inclusive, global-ready capabilities that are flexible, simple to use and scale on demand; fortified solutions built to exacting federal security and compliance standards; high reliability to meet  demanding SLAs, and easy administration that gives you complete control.and has your back.

Solving your biggest small-business challenges

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Zero time. Tiny budgets. Huge plans  Sound familiar? You can overcome your biggest hurdles with business phone service and more.  It’s a snap to turn on, easy to use, and astonishingly affordable. Compete against the big guys and win, with services that project an image as big as your ambitions.

Grow your Business with VOIP
VOIP technology changing how businesses communicate