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Proactive web security.
Blocks threats before they reach your users or network.

Enhancing productivity

ingotlive can pay for itself within the first few days of each month.

Less Distractions

Since our client's internet connections are routed via the ingotlive cloud-hosted security servers, we can provide them with web-filtering technology to uniquely tailor their employees’ access to non-business websites and thereby make the environment more conducive to work.  These configurations can be adjusted for different departments, individuals and times of day; meaning our clients can choose to reduce the temptation of distractions from social websites during work hours without hampering relaxation in lunch breaks.

Less profit lost time wasting

Assuming your staff have an average income of £12:00/hour, and if each one spends just 15 minutes of work time each day on non-business internet activity:-

10 Staff = £600/month lost productivity:  £7,200 in a year

These savings are what can be achieved from web filtering alone, without adding the benefit gained from more reliable technology and reduced spam and cyber attacks.

ingot technology keeping business secure