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Ensuring business continuity

With ingotvault we ensure that there is a daily local backup but also if appropriate, we schedule an incremental backup to our ingotvault Cloud Hosted offsite Datastore each night.  In this way we create a resilient ‘Business Continuity’ Strategy by having both a local recovery option, as well as a fully encrypted backup of key data offsite.

Business backup, with recovery from the cloud

What we offer is more than just a place to keep your data safe. Our Online Backup will help you to keep working, come what may. If your server crashes, for example, you can continue to work on your files, using our cloud technology.

Windows and Mac OS

All Windows Desktop and Server operating systems are Supported:-

Windows 10

Windows 2012 and above plus Exchange and SQL

All Mac X Operating Systems

ingot technology securing people’s data
ingot technolgy securing people’s data