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Inbound Email Threat Protection – Malware, Phishing, Whaling,
Email Protection as it should be done.
Blocks threats before they reach your users or network.

A Better Environment

The IngotMailPro service examines hundreds of thousands of attributes in every email to accurately detect text, image, and attachment-based spam or phishing emails while automatically adapting to new threats as they appear. Our email threat protection technology removes all malicious and inappropriate content that could negatively impact an organisation before it reaches user inboxes.

Our interface logs all inbound and outbound emails that pass through the system, enabling complete message traceability for users. Emails are scanned for any viruses, malware, or other malicious content such as phishing, spoof email addresses, etc.

As a result of using outbound email filtering, a company can provide protection to the intended recipients while protecting the professional reputation of its organisation.

Ingot365 is a bundle of IngotMail and Microsoft Office 365 Business
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  • The standard security provided by our email security service provides outstanding protection for the small to medium size businesses
  • + Anti-Virus
  • + Spam Filtering
  • + Content Filtering
  • + Outbound Filtering
  • + Imposter Email Protection
  • + Attachment Defence (Reputation)
  • + URL Defence (Sandboxing)
  • + Emergency Inbox (30 days)
  • + Instant Replay (30 days)
IngotMail has two optional add-ons
1) ENHANCED SECURITY @ £1.00/month

Hover over each of the items below to see the individual features

  • The ES add-on ("Enhance Security") option, will help organisations to comply with the GDPR regulation by implementing technology that automatically prevents data leaks of "Personal Identifiable Information" (PII) by either preventing the transmission or by automatically encrypting it.
  • Click link below to download the datasheet
  • + Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • + Attachment Defence (Sandboxing)
  • + Email Encryption
The 2nd add-on
2) EMAIL ARCHIVING  @ £3.50/month

Hover over each of the items below to see the individual features

  • This includes all the Enhanced Security benefits above plus delivering enterprise quality Email Archiving with the following features:-

    1) Automatically preserve all emails and attachments
    2) Allow users to search their own archived email and forward emails to their mailbox
    3) Protect critical customer data and store it securely
    4)Reduce data storage constraints and meet legal and regulatory requirements
    5) Perform quick and extensive searches on archived email
    6) Purged user accounts archives are retained in the archive and remain searchable
    7) Export search results from the archive
  • Click link below to download the datasheet
  • + Email Archiving
  • + Tamper-Proof and Offsite
  • + Search and eDiscovery
  • + Unlimited Storage for 10 years
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