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alerting & Monitoring
preventing problems 
Getting a 360 degrees view of your network

Yes, It really is that easy. Whether it's Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, the remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities built into ingotlive will allow our IT team to stay ahead of the game. From remote servers and workstations, SNMP and VM monitoring, we’ve got it covered with easy deployment of software, patches and everything else you need.  This ensures that the computer systems are all running at peak performance…via one pane of glass

Spotting the problems early and getting them fixed

iOS and Android apps are available so that we can manage your computer networks while we travel.  Instant alerting with customizable options on what we get alerted to are automatically sent via Email or SMS for every check failure or overdue server.  So with ingot-RMM you can rest easy at night, knowing that your systems are being monitored for you.

…and even script your own solutions

With ingot-RMM we can create our own script, execute and track custom maintenance tasks. This is a hugely powerful tool - helping us to manage your systems by being able to closely meet individual staff needs. The flexibility provided by supporting 8 of the most popular scripting languages means we can also use tools to monitor custom applications and hardware. Automate a virtually limitless number of key maintenance tasks. 

remote access
Be wherever your customers need you to be

You’re in IT so for you it’s a given you need to be in two different places at once.  Our Take Control and Remote Background Management tools helps you give your staff a seamless, secure maintenance experience - wherever they are. One click allows quick and easy remote access to any server or workstation from your ingot-RMM management dashboard. The bottom line? You’ve got even greater control over staff computing processes and services and the capability to sort any problems pretty much straight away.

Patch management
With security guaranteed

Kiss goodbye to Windows updates and quit worrying about security on each and every device you manage. ingotlive patch management scans your networks automatically or on demand - and gives you all the functionality and tools you need to effectively install and manage patches across all devices on different operating systems and products and in all languages supported by the vendor. We know – it was on our wish list too.

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