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Our Managed IT Support Solution

We manage the technology, so you can get on with business.

Cloud Hosted Remote Management & IT Support

Our Managed IT Support solutions ingotlive-suite is designed to help prevent clients having IT problems but we are always very happy to help businesses with individual IT problems who are not currently supported under one of our agreements.

By concentrating on your staff's needs and focusing on minimizing the stress and frustration that technology in the workplace causes, our ingotlive-suite program creates an effective, productive and less stressed environment.

What We Can Provide

1) IT Support with a Personal touch

Our experts are only a phone call away and will often resolve issues remotely or will visit your site. We aim to communicate in a “non-jargon” way and will always go the extra mile to find the solution you are looking for.

2) Protecting you and your business

We protect you with our complete range of security products. Its non intrusive but very effective actively protecting your business from potentially harmful and costly attacks.

3) Keeping an eye on your systems

We ensure that the latest software updates and patches are installed and that your computers are performing at their peak. We can pre-emptively spot potential problems with your system and fix it before it becomes an issue.

4) Disaster Recovery

Not every eventuality can be avoided and so we have a comprehensive back up system that should the worst happen we can have you back up and running swiftly.

This is an incredibly cost effective way of providing your essential IT.

Our support program is based on a fixed monthly fee.  It can easily pay for itself each month through the increased security, reliability and productivity.

Our IT Support Services

IT Support - Email Protection
IT Support - Web Filtering
IT Support with Remote Monitoring & Management
IT Support with Workstation Security
IT Support with Backup System
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We deliver ingotlive-suite, by using our portfolio of leading edge cloud based tools detailed below:-
Remote Monitoring & Management IT Support

Remote Monitoring & Management

This is our ingotlive 24/7 remote monitoring & management (rmm).  Every computer supported by ingotlive is remotely monitored: for Processor Performance, Memory Usage and Disk Utilisation, as well as Patch Updates, Vulnerabilities, Data Backups and Anti-Virus Update.  

It makes our clients’ computing devices and servers protected 24/7 by identifying potential threats and breakdowns before they happen.  Many problems can be resolved automatically, but our team responds to more complex threats remotely; allowing our clients to continue their work uninterrupted.

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IT Support with Email ProtectionIT Support with Ingot 365

Email Protection

This provides outstanding protection for your staff from malicious and fraudulent emails, as well as email viruses.  

Over 75% of all emails classified as spam or potentially harmful!

Our system stops all the junk in the cloud which frees up your internet bandwidth for the real business.

It also provides a daily report of emails that actually might be of use to the user

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Web Filtering - IT Support

Web Filtering

Dynamically monitors all web traffic so that we can ensure that web sourced malware, adware and viruses are blocked at our cloud hosted scanning servers.  This prevents them even reaching your network. 

This sophisticated web filtering technology, we can also be used to actively control your staffs access to non-business websites during working hours

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IT Support with Secure Backup

Secure Backup

This ensures your computers are automatically backed up each night without any human interaction, thereby ensuring that you have a fully recoverable offsite copy of your critical files at all times. It can also be configured to create a local backup provide excellent redundancy through this hybrid system

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IT Support - Anti-Virus Solutions

Anti-Virus Solutions

This is our Managed Anti-Virus (AV) solutions and is based on technology which turns the AV industry on its head.  It actively blocks all potential threats but uniquely will monitor any unknown software and if determined to be a threat will remove it and roll back any changes that had been made.

This solution runs extremely fast and has no noticeable effect on the computers performance when running.

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