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You know what you’re made of when you’ve been STUFFED
a few times 

Helping I.T. Managers to do it better

As an I.T. Manager you will know what it feels like to be stuffed, that sinking feeling when a backup you relied on turns out not to have worked or the primary server falls over just before you are due to leave for a bank holiday weekend but which must be up and running before everyone gets back from their long weekend.

Having done it for over 25 years, we as an MSP (Managed Service Provider) also know the stresses of running computer networks for business, but to help us, we have created a portfolio of leading edge cloud based tools to enable us to do it better.

What we wanted was a system that would do the following:-

  • Enable us to fix things before people even knew there was a problem.
  • Take care of all the computers and servers while we slept but alert us in an emergency
  • Allow us to manage computers wherever they are in the world
  • Automatically patch PC’s for us
  • Stop machines being corrupted by viruses, malware or adware
  • Prevent spam and email viruses even reaching our clients networks
  • Prevent staff wasting time on non-business websites during working hours
  • Ensure there was always an up to date offsite backup which didn’t depend on humans

Below is that solution, it is a unique portfolio of leading edge cloud hosted tools sourced from key vendors around the world and which we as an MSP, have re-branded with our “ingot” registered trademark, to create a comprehensive suite of tools to manage and secure IT from the cloud.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our interactive real-time RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring) solution with a cloud hosted dashboard.

IT Managers are able to monitor, manage and control every computer and laptop within their organisation, without leaving their chair, wherever they are in the world.  

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Dynamic Web Protection

With our dynamic monitoring of all web traffic you can ensure that web sourced malware, adware and viruses are blocked at the cloud hosted scanning servers – thereby preventing them even reaching your network.  

Through its sophisticated web filtering technology, it can also be used to prevent staff accessing non-business websites during working hours.

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Dynamic Spam & Virus Filtering

With over 75% of all emails classified as spam, ingotmail provides outstanding protection for users from malicious and fraudulent emails, as well as email viruses.  

Because ingotmail is a cloud hosted solution, the junk is stopped in the cloud, freeing up your internet bandwidth for the real business. 

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Online Backup

With ingotvault your computers are automatically backed up each night without any human interaction, thereby ensuring that you have a fully recoverable offsite copy of your critical files at all times.

No longer do you have to suffer the frustration of faulty and unreliable tape backups.

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Dynamic Antivirus

Ingotav has the fastest AV scanning engine and the least impact on the computer’s performance.

It not only stops the known bad files but also identifies the good files and allows them to operate fully.  It then creates a new category of files defined as “Unknown”.  When an “Unknown” file is installed onto a computer, ingotav monitors and logs everything it does. All registry changes or file alterations are recorded and a copy taken before any file is deleted or encrypted.  If some time later the “Unknown” file is identified as malware, it can be removed and all the changes rolled back to their original state.

With ingotav, you can recover from a Cryptolocker type attack.  

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ingot is a registered trademark of SecureDesk Limited
ingot technology making a difference in business 
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