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Our IT Managed Solution

We manage the technology, so you can get on with business.

Cloud Hosted Remote Management & Support

By concentrating on your staff's needs and focusing on minimizing the stress and frustration that technology in the workplace causes, our support program creates an effective, productive and less stressed environment.

Using leading edge technology, our ingotlive-suite support program delivers six key benefits:-

1)   Enhanced IT Security – Stopping spam, malware, viruses and adware from reaching your premises, which prevents the disruption, distraction and fraud that the internet can bring.  Our solution also provides the option for businesses to remove the distraction of non-business websites for their staff during working hours- reducing the temptation to cyber-skive.

2)     Proactively Monitoring, Managing and Maintaining IT systems – We aim to fix problems before you know they have happened by remotely monitoring your computers.

3)    Optimising IT Technology – Through remote management, we ensure that your PC’s and servers operate at their peak.  Processor performance, memory usage, disk utilisation and patch management are all monitored.

4)     Personalised Support - Because we understand your system, are experts with technology and just a phone call away, we can support your staff to ensure that issues can be resolved quickly before they become a real problem.

5)    Increased Productivity – Your staff will feel more relaxed, less stressed and able toachieve more because systems work as intended and are more reliable.

6)    Cost Effectiveness – Our support program is based on a fixed monthly fee.  It can easily pay for itself each month through the increased security, reliability and productivity.

To deliver our ingotlive solutions, we have created a portfolio of leading edge cloud based tools:-

Our goal is to fix problems before you know they have happened and through our ingotlive 24/7 remote monitoring & management (rmm) it's deliverable.  Every computer supported by ingotlive is remotely monitored: for Processor Performance, Memory Usage and Disk Utilisation, as well as Patch Updates, Vulnerabilities, Data Backups and Anti-Virus Update.  

Making the workplace safer
Through our innovative cutting-edge monitoring technology, our clients’ computing devices and servers are protected 24/7 by identifying potential threats and breakdowns before they happen.  Many problems are resolved automatically, but our team responds to more complex threats remotely; allowing our clients to continue their work uninterrupted.  

Resolving issues quicker
Our ingotlive IT experts provide telephone support including remote assistance and on-site visits when necessary.  The team are available during working hours and are passionate about delivering excellent customer service.

With our dynamic monitoring of all web traffic we can ensure that web sourced malware, adware and viruses are blocked at our cloud hosted scanning servers – thereby preventing them even reaching your network.

Through its sophisticated web filtering technology, we can also prevent staff accessing non-business websites during working hours.
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With over 75% of all emails classified as spam, ingotmail provides outstanding protection for users from malicious and fraudulent emails, as well as email viruses.  

Because ingotmail is a cloud hosted solution, the junk is stopped in the cloud, freeing up your internet bandwidth for the real business.
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With ingotvault your computers are automatically backed up each night without any human interaction, thereby ensuring that you have a fully recoverable offsite copy of your critical files at all times.

No longer do you have to suffer the frustration of faulty and unreliable tape backups.
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Our Managed Anti-Virus solutions is based on technology which turns the AV industry on its head.  With this solution in place we guarantee that our clients computers will not get infected and to date that has been true.
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